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I can’t even believe what a fun and crazy week it’s been! From freezing to raining to sunny and beautiful; we have been very typically Oklahoma this week! I’m sure you all have noticed that Bobbi Gaglia’s column has been conspicuously absent from the Shawnee News Star for almost a month now. Who knew it would be that long?? I guess I was hoping she would dictate the column….. and ya well, it didn’t go that way, so now you have me, LOL!

We have had THE MOST FUN at Shawnee Senior Center this week (or I have anyway)! Even with the cold & rain, the weather has been amazing for redoing all of our flowerbeds. We have had some very enthusiastic volunteers, staff and community service workers who have donated their skills to help us. OKIE has been out to mark the lines before we break out the tiller. We (and that’s the royal “we”) have also brought in new dirt, built up old beds, thinned out plants, built new flower beds, set up hay bales to be used for our tomatoes and squash and, for almost a month now, we have been harvesting greens out of our greenhouse. We have old tires, donated by Fred’s Tires, which we’ve painted brightly and filled with dirt then zinnia seeds, strawberries or bell peppers. I don’t know if you remember Bobbi telling you in one of her columns last fall, that the Shawnee Senior Center won a Blue Ribbon for our mixed zinnias! We were like peacocks strutting around here after that and I hope we can do it again! And this week, I don’t know if you happened to see Wednesdays Shawnee News Star, but Shawnee Senior Center received our certification as a Blue Zone Organization!! We are so excited and if I’m not mistaken, we are the first organization to receive such an honor. I know Bobbi tells y’all all kinds of stuff about Shawnee Senior Center, but if I could take just a minute, I’d like to add a bit to it. We hold a contract with the City of Shawnee to provide activities and services for older adults. Now sometimes that means quilting or playing cards but sometimes, that means that when you need help accessing resources because you are a caregiver and need help for a loved one or maybe you need medicine or affordable housing. We are your man! (Man is generic, of course). Sometimes it’s because you’ve lost

your spouse and it’s too lonely at home – and you’re not hungry when you’re by yourself, are you? That’s why we’re here! We serve nutritious meals – breakfast and lunch! There are so many people in and out of this building throughout the day – and I bet you know some of them. We have fitness classes that are designed specifically so people can maintain strength, balance and coordination as they age. Did you know that falls are the single largest cause of death among seniors? Come to our fitness classes – not only will you feel more energized and enthusiastic, you will BE more fit.

I know I’m rambling a bit, but that’s the difference between Bobbi and me – and she’ll be back next week. Do you know how at first when something happens you’re sure it’s a bad thing? Well, my computer crashed (and I mean in a big way) almost three weeks ago now. So for two weeks I’ve been working out in the “communal workspace” VS in my office and I’ve found that I really like being out here! So, this week I received my amazing, new, beautiful, and exciting laptop!! Now I can work from ANYWHERE – and I think I want to continue to work from the “commune”. SURPRISE! I like being where the action is. I know the staff is hoping that I don’t bring my mess out into the commune cos I have a habit of trailing things behind me. Marian, my assistant, calls me Gretel because I leave breadcrumbs where ever I go (glasses, coffee cup, pens, you name it). So, now, when you come in to visit, I will likely be right out front!

We have so many irons in the fire right now and I’ll be talking to Mike Askins a bit more about it on Wednesday morning at 8:35, when we do our schtick on KGFF. Until then, if you haven’t ever been to Shawnee Senior Center, come on down to 401 N. Bell St. and check us out. You can also see our activities and menu on our website: shawneeok.org or call us Monday thru Friday, 8am – 5pm, at 405.878.1528. Thank you for joining me this happy Sunday morning. Hi Mom!!

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