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Watch out – the scammers are back!

Written By: Kate Joyce, , Kate's Corner

I love every one of my peeps and feel very protective of them.  From running them out of the Pool Room for cover from today’s tornado warning (did you hear about that??) helping them with their cell phones.  But there is NOTHING that makes me more angry than someone trying to take advantage of MY seniors.

As I walk in the door this afternoon I can hear one of my seniors on a frustrating phone call.  Then we hear the magic words – “EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS” in a surprised tone of voice.

It turns out that this scammer is after my senior to “bail” his grandson out of jail.  Oh yes, and the grandson would be in SOOO much trouble if his parents found out!  ^$$#0!?$  And the son even had the presence of mind to hire an attorney already to help him out and the money should be sent to him! Now some people have heard about this scam and although mine hadn’t, the red flag for my senior was that their grandson is only 14!

So we have called Attorney General Mike Hunt’s office and left a message on the Consumer Services line.  If you ever need to do that, the number is: 405-521-2029.

Now I imagine the phone numbers for this scam go to throw away phones.  But, just in case, here is the name and numbers left by the scammer for my senior when he called back prepared to send the money.

Charles Fisher (is the so-called attorney)  920-659-6252

Case B 302-6425

Franklin County Jail, Arkansas 440-325-4307


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