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Unintentional Descents

Written By: Kate Joyce, , Kate's Corner

We’ve all had them, at least once…. Call it what you want – accidental fall or unintentional descent – it’s a “FALL” and you’re still on the ground. If you’re younger, its easy to bounce back, if you were hurt at all. As you age….not so much.

Falls are the primary initial cause of deaths among seniors. Broken bones, fractures, concussions and muscle injuries can lead to hospitalization, surgeries.  Pain sure takes all the fun out of physical therapy, too.  If you don’t work to regain your strength, you are likely to experience mobility issues which are difficult to reverse.  Resulting weakness and muscle deterioration contributes to and other debilitating issues, including pneumonia.

Tai Chi: Working for Better Balance and Enhance Fitness are two programs taught at Shawnee Senior Center that are specifically to strengthen and tone muscles while increasing balance and coordination.  Our instructors are certified, our classes are fun and – not to worry – everyone had a first day where they didn’t know the moves.

Some people in the program use a chair for extra support. And that’s perfectly fine! We can accommodate most levels of capacity and there is no judgement….we’re all there to become stronger!!





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