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Rainy Days & Fridays :)

Written By: Artex, , Kate's Corner

Being here in Oklahoma, it’s really difficult to look at rainy days and think anything bad. My dog, Hook, doesn’t like to go pee in the rain – but that’s probably the only thing. I have to put his winter coat on him to keep him dry, it’s a process but, he’s our fur baby and we love him. Then we cuddle up on the couch – he sleeps and I read.

Looking out the window at the rainy day, the grass is still green and lush – normally it’s been burned up for a month or more by now. Our greenhouse still has tomatoes, peppers and flowers. Our strawberry runners are EVERYWHERE! They will be such a treat next year during our lunches. In fact, Valorie gathered up some of our zinnias and entered them to be judged at the Pottawatomie County Free Fair! We’re so excited – Last year we won a ribbon… so we’ll be at the fair today to see how the judging went! I hope to see you there!

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