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Thank You for Your Service

Written By: Kate Joyce, , Events

“Thank you for your service.” he said to the man in the “Marines” ball cap. As they shook hands and looked each other in the eye, the Marine’s shoulders straightened and you could see the pride in his expression as he said in return, “You’re Welcome. I am proud to have done it.”

Sunday is Veteran’s Day – and for Shawnee Senior Center – we will be honoring our community Veterans on Monday in the Municipal Auditorium at 9am. Heartland Home Health and Hospice Volunteers provide a most eloquent presentation to share our combined thanks to the men and women who have served and are serving to protect our nation.

Many of us have seen the service, up close and personal. My own Father was a 24-year Veteran of the United States Air Force. We did a lot of moving and my Dad got all the coldest places. (Maybe because he loved hockey – who knows!) He was in Iceland, Greenland, Northern Ontario, in Canada (twice). That’s where he met my Mom, Ellie. Our southern stations happened after he married and included Florida, Georgia and Tinker AFB right here in Central Oklahoma! Dad worked two jobs to make ends meet and when he had to, he sold his AB+ blood for $75 a pint.

My Dad went into the service and never had to go to war during his time in between Korea and Viet Nam. It was always a possibility and I think we were blessed. My husband, Mike, was in the National Guard for 6-years, first Army then Air Force. There are so many people who join the Armed Forces knowing there is a possibility they will be called to action. But they join just the same. Many join after an event – the bombing of Pearl Harbor or the Trade Centers. But they join. Some join for benefits like health and education. But they serve just the same. Our country is better for these men and women in our Armed Forces.

At Shawnee Senior Center we have a Veterans Wall that runs from the front entrance of our building, up and down hallways, with plenty of room for more pictures. It began with photos of our participants who served and continues with the same – adding family members who have also served or are serving. It’s a magnificent presentation of “COMMUNITY & PRIDE” and I hope you will take the time to come and see it. You’re welcome to bring a picture of your own to include.

Unless you live in a box, you see people every day who have served or are serving this country to protect us and our way of life. It seems that the least we can do is, on this one day, say “Thank you for your service.”

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