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And the game was called…. Chickenfoot!

Written By: Artex, , games

The Wiles Recreation Room at Shawnee Senior Center, normally filled with the sound of clacking pool balls, had the additional sounds of shuffling dominos on the tables. Today was the day we held the Brenice Poe Memorial Chickenfoot Tournament!

Brenice, or Bren, as she was known to us, attended and played dominoes at the Shawnee Senior Center every day except Thursdays, when she played at St. Johns with the Sunshine Seniors. She played many games but Chickenfoot was her favorite. In her working life, Bren was an optometrist. After retiring, she moved to Shawnee and worked with her daughter for many years, Martye McCall at her health food store. Bren passed over at 91 years young. Not being much for the somberness of funerals, her Celebration of life was this joyful Chickenfoot Tournament!

We had so much fun! Kicking off at 1 pm, people were laughing, talking, eating, playing dominoes. Martye’s friends Barbara and Sharon brought cookies and cake. Shawnee Senior Center provided other snacks and beverages. After a fun-filled afternoon, the brackets reduced the final three:

Winning First place – and the Magolica-style-Chicken- Clarice Stone.

Second place – winning a gift certificate to Kentucky Fried Chicken – Mary Weeks.

Thrid Place – winning a gift certificate to Kentucky Fried Chicken – Larry Rawson.

And a Consolation prize of a Kentucky Fried Chicken Meal – Betty Norton.

Have you noticed the “Chicken” trend? We had so much fun coming up with the prizes and enjoying the people who attended this fun tournament that the consensus was to add Chickenfoot to our regular Schedule! What? How exciting is that? So, beginning in November, the first and third Wednesdays at 1 pm, you can come to play Chickenfoot! If you don’t know how to play, we have the rules and there will be people around who Do know the rules – including the one that states the double blank doesn’t mean “no points” – it means “50 POINTS”!

We have lots of additional pictures of the tournament on our facebook page so also be sure to check there for more!

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